Peppa Pig: Holiday App Reviews

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Just bought this for $2.99 and NO sound. How do I get a refund? VERY DISAPPOINTED...

So cute!

Peppa is so cute Im a big fan Peppa is also entertaining.

No sound

No sound.

Not in English!

I cant find English as a language option. Am I just missing it? Please help!

No sound!!!!

Dont bother buying this app. It starts off great and then the sound will quit working leaving you and your kids frustrated and you out $2.99! Rip off!!!!

No sound!!!

Bought the bundle pack and the holiday one has no sound. Hoping reloading helps. :/

No Sound

Purchased for my daughter this morning & theres no sound!!!!!!


not is english!!!

How to fix sound

I have a new iPad mini 2, encountered the sound issue, and was able to resolve by turning the iPad ringer volume on. Seems like this app uses the ringer/alerts sound settings, rather than the normal audio sound settings. On my iPad, the way to unmute is to use your finger to flip the switch on the side of the iPad next to the audio controls from mute (red dot showing) to unmute (no red dot showing).

The sound doesnt work

The sound on work on any of these apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Waste of money - dont bother.

For a free game I would have considered this a flop. For a paid game it was a rip-off. My daughter loves all things PEPPA so I bought the game. Gameplay is limited to a few unimaginative boring things to do. The interface with touch is poor. This is the first zero-star review Ive ever given a game. It made me select one star, otherwise it would not accept the review.

No Audio

The instructional audio does not play on my daughters iPad.

No Sound

No Sound at all

Waste of money

No sound.


Finally there was an update so it fixed and didnt freeze anymore. Thanks!!


Why do you the peppa pig game makers have to make them cost money ??

No sound

I want a refund

Peppa Pig : Holiday

This App keeps freezing up on my phone. I can not enter my childs name to get the game started

No sound!

Not worth the money!

Great game

There wasnt sound at first. You have to switch on the ringer on the iPhone and the equivalent on the iPad to get the sound to work. Its got lots of games to keep a 2 year old happy. We also play with it using the Mandarin language option and my kids picked up some new words.

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